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Snack Bar 2017 Season!

Welcome back to another fun swim season with the Ashbourne Dolphins! Snack bar is an important part of our swim team and the main source of income for purchasing our swimmers awards and end of year gifts! 

Running the snack bar takes nearly an army; set-up, running during meet, grilling, clean-up! That being said, we would like to request that every family make the commitment to help in the snack bar at least once during the season though to run the snack bar successfully will require multiple people working multiple times! We also need to have parents of kids in varying age groups to ensure each parent is able to see their child swim.  We often have small kids hanging around with us, so don’t let that deter you from helping!

We are once again requiring a $15 snack bar payment per swimmer.  It has worked out very well during the past 2 seasons.

We still need yummy baked goods so if you are interested in that area please talk to Karrie and your snack bar fee will be adjusted!

One specific area we need help is in picking up large ice bags and pretzels from Pretzel Factory to bring to the meet.  Ice needs to arrive by 5 p.m, pretzels by meet time! 

Any concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank You!                                                                  

Snack Bar Coordinator,                                                     

Karrie Kershner - (610-800-6816) cell;

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